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Experienced Long Distance Movers in Ann Arbor

Moving out of state involves a great deal of planning and work. You must find your way around a new region, obtain a new driver's license and consider all kinds of other details.

Fortunately, whether you're moving to Michigan or bidding farewell to the Great Lakes State, we at Ann Arbor Movers can relieve much of the stress. As you journey from one state to another, you'll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property is in such good hands.

Why are we at Ann Arbor Movers so skilled at long-distance moves? For starters, we operate a fleet of powerful vehicles, and we keep them in top-notch condition. We also utilize high-tech navigation systems that make trips as fast and smooth as could be.

When it comes to packing, loading and unloading, we're quick and efficient while still exercising caution at all times. Every item you own will have proper cushioning and support en route, and our diligent method of organizing objects ensures that nothing gets misplaced.

Ann Arbor's Top Out of State Moving Company

We're sensitive to the needs of everyone who moves, including children and pets. Our upbeat, enthusiastic and attentive employees will help everyone look forward to the road ahead.

Moreover, we will adhere to the price estimate that we give you at the outset. If you were to compare prices, you'd find that our rates are very competitive.

One of our specialties is moving college students. Maybe you're heading to the University of Michigan or another fine local institution, or maybe your school days are coming to an end. In either case, we can pack, stack and track your belongings. We'll carry them up or down those steep dorm stairs, and we'll set up your new room or apartment according to your instructions. Meanwhile, you can enjoy some quality time with your roommate.

If you're planning to move to another state soon — or if you're just thinking about doing so — please feel free to get in touch with us whenever you want. We can talk about this move in more detail and even offer you a free quote.

Happy Customers Are Saying:

E-Z Moving and Storage did a great job. The crew arrived on-time nothing was broken, damaged or missing at the end of the move. They actually moved us for less than the quoted amount. Absolutely recommend them for your move.

Dave S.

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