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Commercial moving services come in two basic categories. First, when an individual gets a new job, she or he can hire movers to bring office furniture and equipment to the new company.

Second, entire companies sometimes transfer to new headquarters. Thus, they must take everything with them.

In either instance, Ann Arbor Movers is prepared to make your move orderly. Our dollies, hand trucks and other tools of the trade are strong and well-maintained.

We'll plan ahead meticulously, too. If possible, we'll visit your current and new workplace to figure out how we'll carry everything, which staircases or elevators we'll take and so forth.

Furthermore, we can compile complete, easy-to-follow checklists of everything that's going. And we have an organized procedure for numbering and tracking each item we take.

That way, we won't switch Jim's desk with Jane's because those two pieces of furniture look alike. Moreover, we can configure everything in your new place however you tell us to. If you want, we can make your new office and other rooms look exactly like the old ones.

Not to mention, we can pack everything for you. And, because we handle heavy loads with such ease, you needn't empty your desks and filing cabinets. On the other hand, if there are devices and files you won't be taking, we can destroy or recycle them according to compliance requirements.

Likewise, we'll verify that everything has enough wrapping to prevent damage, and we'll securely restrain breakable pieces en route to keep them from shifting or falling.

Office & Business Relocation in Ann Arbor, MI

We can also move everything from one industrial warehouse to another. In so doing, we transfer chemicals, take apart and reinstall various fixtures and move machinery.

As a result of these efforts, you'll save a great deal of time and energy. On top of everything else, we'll make sure that you stick to your moving budget.

As you ponder your upcoming commercial move into, out of or within Michigan, we wish you every professional success. To discuss this move — and to receive a cost estimate — please reach out to us at any time.

Happy Customers Are Saying:

Had excellent service during the middle of May. Quick, efficient, service driven and no damage to my belongings. My two movers (James and Ray) were delightful, had a good attitude and dynamic. All in all, couldn't have asked for a better move. Quote was accurate and price was competitive with everywhere else I checked.

Kristopher T.

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